Can't Find the Source of Moisture in Your Home?

Arrange for a thorough mold inspection by a team based in Pompano Beach, FL

Moisture buildup can quickly lead to mold growth and other health hazards if left unchecked. If you suspect that excess moisture has led to mold somewhere in your home, then it's time to turn to a professional. Cat 1 Water Restoration offers mold inspection and removal services to clients in Pompano Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. From initial mold testing to prevention advising, you can leave everything to us.

Arrange for expert mold removal services today.

Trust our simple yet effective process

Having mold is a headache, but the remediation process doesn't have to be. We pride ourselves on following simple steps to address a mold problem:

  • First - we seal off entry points and shut off water flow. Once we find the moisture source, we'll permanently stop the leak.
  • Then - we'll do a thorough mold inspection. Our results determine whether the area needs to be fully replaced or can just be cleaned.
  • Finally - we'll do full mold removal with commercial-grade disinfectants and an HEPA vacuum. Then, we'll use drying equipment on residual moisture.

You won't have to worry about further damage or ongoing health risks after we've taken care of the mold. Call 954-234-1305 now for a free estimate on mold services.